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The Proactive Health Solution is truly inspiring and very informative!  This book is a step-by-step guide that has helped me grow and understand myself more.  When I began training with Nadia, I really just cared about my physical well-being, like eating right, gaining strength and changing my appearance. After reading her book, she’s made me realize the importance of my spiritual and mental health, and how essential it is to have a balance between these three. This book is the complete package. I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially to those who don’t have a clue where to start!


This book is OUTSTANDING. It is well-written, inspirational, well-researched, nicely organized in its presentation and packed with wise guidance for your mind, soul and body. I would especially recommend it for people who have given up on their health either due to illness or unmanageable weight gain. There are words of wisdom to help reconnect you to a proactive mindset — and it really encourages you to take that first step toward honoring yourself and your health. Everyone should read this book to see how your body and spirit can work together for a great outcome. Well done! A rare gem indeed!*****

Education Professional

I’ve been very inspired from reading this book. It absolutely changed my life! By learning what I need to do to get in shape, today I’m more confident and more motivated than ever. I don’t eat late at night anymore. Instead, I pick up my backpack and go to the gym every day. Following the PHS, I will work out regularly until I’m 100 years old! I look better and I don’t just feel better—I feel sexy. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from me—14 pounds to be exact. I’m very grateful that Nadia came to see me to style her hair for her wedding day. After reading this book, I discovered it was for a great reason she came into my life.

Atheer Istifan—Bashar Salon

From the moment I started reading this book, I could not put it down. It was exactly what I needed when I needed it. It helped me to remember the power in forgiveness. The Proactive Health Solution is deep, inspirational, and sooo on point! A must-read!

Lisa Welch

Years of unmanaged stress, always on the go and forgetting about my health while caring for others as a nurse resulted in diagnoses of diabetes, obesity, and a severe case of Bell ’s Palsy. “You’ve been taking care of others for years. It is now time to choose to take care of you,” my cousin Marc said as he handed me a copy of the Proactive Health Solution (PHS). “It is your choice” he said. For this gift, I am forever grateful. The PHS has changed my life. He graced me with a treasure chest full of gems of wisdom for my journey back to health. The PHS is not simply a “self-help” or “how-to” book. It is a book of ACTION—physical, emotional, and spiritual next steps to health! Many health books start with To-Do lists. The PHS started with ME! Walking with me through AWARENESS—providing this key to unlock the understanding of my lifestyle management, and the “why’s and why not’s” of my health behaviors. It challenged me and then guided me out-of-and-beyond the old obstacles. By teaching me to overcome and witnessing successes, the PHS empowered and actively guided me towards the physical, spiritual and mindful next-steps path I am now travelling.  I have dropped three sizes, I am active, I am aware and I am choosing my healthy mindset now. We all know the “mind-talk” that takes us off the path of health. I’ve been there. So have you. I choose not to go there ever again. The PHS is more than a book on a shelf. It is not static. It is a book FULL OF LIFE,  an inspirational guide, my daily motivational speaker and my always available Personal Trainer. Choose to give this book as a great gift—first to you and then to others, too.

Evon Buckley

Many books have been published that promise weight loss and living healthy, but only once in a while does a book come out like this. The Proactive Health Solution is one of those rare books that explains what is actually needed to achieve our health goals. It doesn’t just state the obvious: eat less and exercise more, then you will lose weight. The PHS addresses three important factors that are needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle; the physical, mental and spiritual aspects are all considered.  For me, this book is a source of inspiration. It is a compass to deal with daily stresses or anxieties. This isn’t just a book to read and once done put it on the shelf. I can reread chapters and find new insight or guidance anytime I pick it up. It has changed my life on many levels. This book has reduced my stress and continues to guide me along a path of inner peace. The PHS is fascinating because of these multifaceted dimensions in addressing all aspects of health and well-being. It can help those in need find what is needed.

Connie DeBrincat

If you need motivation then read this book! It will inspire you physically and spiritually. It is well rounded and covers all the bases of getting healthy and fit—the physical, mental, and spiritual. The author delves deep into the human psyche and addresses subjects from how to overcome a poor self-image to how to treat others.  This book sparked some interesting discussions between my husband and I as we recognized the impact such unresolved issues has within all society, particularly, how self-hatred is projected through crime. I enjoyed all the biblical verses which were well applied and the exercise routines are constructive examples to follow. The PHS is a valuable resource. It offers an ongoing variety of ways to update your workouts while guiding you toward self-empowerment, happiness and good health. All and all it’s a great read!

L. Prete

This book saved me thousands of dollars in therapy sessions. It has opened my eyes and made me realize there were a lot of things I needed to change in my life. It enabled me to resolve layers of psychological issues. It taught me to be proactive with my health, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I can’t say enough about how much this book has helped me! It was like lightening bolts the first time I read it, but I’m reading it again for the second time because it grounds me. This is a book I have been recommending to all my family and friends. I absolutely love it.


Whenever I feel depressed, I turn to this book. It always lifts my spirits. The methodology of the Proactive Health Solution needs to be taught within our society.


The Proactive Health Solution is a book that I keep handy and refer to every few days. It’s a great reference, not only is it inspirational, but educational, too!

Christine A. B.

This is a very good book for becoming disciplined, losing weight, and reaching your goals. My old boyfriend gave me a copy to read while I was on vacation and I love it. It is very well written.

Jenna Perrsaud

Laying on the couch and dreaming about being thin won’t get you far. The Proactive Health Solution has taught me how to be proactive and take responsibility for my actions.


For many years, I was consumed with taking care of family while my health took a backseat. I remained overweight even after beginning an exercise program because I couldn’t get a grip on my vices; potato chips and red wine. It wasn’t until the words in this book really sunk in, that I was finally able to change my eating habits and lose weight. This book has freed me from emotional eating and today I’m extremely grateful to being living a healthy lifestyle.


After reading this book, I’ve come to the realization that our body is a vessel given to us by God and it’s our responsibility to take care of it.

Anne Marie Deering 

No matter where you are in your walk toward better fitness, this book can help you! It helped me! It is a roadmap to help you develop the discipline needed to maintain a healthy life. A+++

Lynn Jacobs-Brent

My wife and I have been gym rats for over twenty years, until I got injured in a bad car accident. I was not only messed up physically, but I was feeling very depressed about all my limitations. This book helped me to get out of my funk. It’s an inspirational guide for anyone that needs to get their health back on track.


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