Classroom Interview – PHS debuts its educational roapmap!

This interview was reserved for the students at Farmington Steam Academy in Farmington Hills, Michigan during the school year of 2017-2018.  Since school is out for the summer; I figured I would share it now.

Teaching adolescents how to proactively develop a healthy lifestyle is critical in preventing many of the diseases that plague our society.  I’m grateful and humbled to know that my book, ‘The Proactive Health Solution’ was a huge hit with the students!

Summer is a great time to slow down, focus on your health and catch up on some good reads! If you’ve been wanting to transform your lifestyle, shed a few pounds, or improve any dimension of health and well-being, click here to order your copy today.

Have a Happy 4th of July and may God bless all the brave souls who fought for our independence and liberty!


What are the PHS Benefits?

The Proactive Health Solution

16175604853_3b20aa0c49_n How is the Proactive Health Solution (PHS) different from all the other health and fitness books on the market? Many who have read my book understand that the PHS offers an integrated, educational path toward healthy self-management which is essentially overlooked within the vast growing trends of diets and fitness hoopla. That being said, it’s only part of the answer. While a great deal of fitness programs are focused solely on improving one’s physical appearance, it’s fair to say some savvy fitness professionals are finally catching on to the bigger picture. More specifically, they are starting to recognize that optimal health includes more than just changing the physical body. Serious health gurus goad their clients to improve all aspects of health and well-being—in the mind, body, and spirit. Certainly we all know this positive change in behavior and mindset doesn’t occur overnight. It’s the accumulation of incremental modifications that take place…

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A Mother’s Imprint

Being grateful for mom never goes out of style!

The Proactive Health Solution

8477734222_258161ffbe_nFor thousands of years, festivities of mothers and motherhood have occurred throughout the world. These older traditions have now become synonymous with Mother’s Day—a modern celebration that honors one’s own mother, motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mother’s in society. Today, Mother’s Day is observed in over 40 countries across the globe on various months and dates. This special day is most commonly celebrated in the months of March or May—usually on the 2nd Sunday. It’s no wonder mothers are revered. On some level, even as we age, the thought of Mom brings us comfort and warmth. They have an uncanny ability to continually give, and are endowed with a devotional love for their children that intuitively overrides their own desires. And despite all the time, energy and sacrifice associated with this role, most moms will agree; it is incredibly rewarding. So if you’re a mother, congratulations for…

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Merry Christmas from the Proactive Health Solution!

While 2017 is coming to a close, The Proactive Health Solution (PHS) continues empowering people toward better health and raising positive vibrations in a dreary world. This powerful book has recently made its way into a public classroom and is educating children about optimal health on many levels—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Children love and readily embrace the principles of the PHS. For them, it’s not only a tremendous guide toward a healthier lifestyle, but it’s a great source of motivation.

In the meantime, many adults are struggling with stress from the holidays; shopping, cooking, cleaning, entertaining and so on. For some, the holidays trigger depression, loneliness and anxiety. However, don’t forget that the power resides within YOU!!! As the three wise men followed the star of baby Jesus, you too can set your sights higher! It’s simply a choice. A proactive decision. When you stop “reacting” to all the negativity swirling around you, it’s astounding how everything in your life seems to magically improve! By learning to be proactive, and implementing this fundamental principal within your lifestyle choices and behaviors, you will intrinsically raise your level of consciousness. Better health will surely follow. Don’t be fooled by quick-fix solutions that merely promise weight loss. Take the time necessary to develop all dimensions of your health and wellbeing in mind, body and spirit. Read this uplifting, powerful book! Children learn the PHS Pyramid from the bottom up, adults learn it from the top down! Grab a copy today and have a blessed Christmas with peace, love, hope and optimal health!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


Secret #1 on Delicious Cooking – A tasty five-course series

Some people find cooking to be therapeutic, while others despise it entirely. Despite your personal stance, if you care at all about your weight and health, then you better care about what you eat. It’s your everyday food choices and eating patterns that will ultimately make a tremendous impact on your waistline, cholesterols levels, blood pressure, and so much more. In today’s busy world, it can be a real challenge for many of us to find the time to prepare healthy and delicious meals. Learning to eat the right foods is one thing; developing our culinary skills is yet another. If you’ve been struggling in this arena, then today’s your lucky day. Starting right now, I’m going to be divulging secrets which are bound to help you eat healthier and improve your cooking skills.  These secrets will be shared over a five course series so you can digest one delicious nugget at a time.

Secret number one: Choose good quality ingredients! This secret is the foundation for any healthy and delicious meal. Good quality foods are not only better for you, they taste better too! Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean you should brand health food into any one category, such as gluten-free, fat-free, low-carb, and so on. Don’t get neurotic or confused by hypocritical information. Of course some individuals must adhere to certain guidelines such as following a strict, gluten-free diet; but keep in mind that someone’s tolerance for gluten as with any other food sensitivity or issue, is still a personal matter. Yes we should learn to qualify our food choices based on our particular needs, but we must always consider the inherent quality of the food itself.

When trying to determine what constitutes good quality ingredients, we must pay close, and I mean very close, attention to the details. For example, some food items might be labelled in such a way that sound 100% healthy, but because of other additives, the quality of those goods instantly deflates. Unfortunately, countless people have been duped because the danger of such additives are not readily known. Some are falsely touted as healthy and yet these additives are frequently hidden within many packaged items. Though I don’t want to divert into this subject of so-called processed health foods, the same rule still applies. When choosing good quality foods or anything that comes in a package, we must pay very close attention to the details—a huge part of this first secret. To help you in making that determination, let’s use a comparison to illustrate.

The next time you go grocery shopping, consider the history of that chicken you’re about to purchase. Do you know whether the chicken fed on cheap grains—genetically modified food which also contained harmful pesticides? Was the chicken crammed in a cage with other chickens; forced to stay inside where their feces spread and built bacteria? Was the chicken induced with antibiotics and plumped up with growth hormones? Sorry to break the news, but unless you’re raising chickens yourself or choosing organic, the answers to these questions is an overwhelming yes.

On the other hand, if chickens are raised on an organic farm they enjoy a diet the way mother nature intended. This includes non-GMO grains, bugs, and different types of grasses without pesticides or harsh chemicals. Those chickens get plenty of exposure to sunlight, are allowed to roam free-range and often moved to lush new grasses for feeding. They aren’t crammed into cages with other chickens, forced to live in unsanitary conditions with their animal by-products. Nor are organic chickens induced with antibiotics and plumped up with growth hormones.

So if you are what you eat, then the better quality choice here becomes obvious. And when it comes to delicious cooking: Better Quality = Better Taste. As mentioned in my book, to eat healthy we must choose foods that are a product of nature versus a product of industry.  Focus on ingredients that are natural, unrefined and unprocessed.  To help facilitate this process, let me give you a few more examples.

  • Choose Himalayan pink sea salt over processed, white table salt. Why? Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements, whereas processed table salt has none, or at best one—iodine. White salt of any kind, even if it’s labeled as sea salt is not full-spectrum meaning it’s devoid of the essential minerals your body needs. Not only are those pink crystals better for you, they’re bursting with flavor. No comparison in taste to the white stuff.
  • Replace canola oil with a variety of oils that includes extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and safflower oil. Why? Canola oil is highly processed and genetically modified—it’s anything but natural. There exists no canola plant. However, canola oil is contrived from rapeseed oil which is used as a lubricant and biodiesel fuel to power motor vehicles, aircrafts, steam engines and other naval vessels.  In several countries, canola oil is illegal to give to infants. Enough said there.
  • Use organic butter as opposed to margarine. Why? Again, margarine is not a product of nature. It’s created through a process called hydrogenation meaning the oil has been chemically altered and highly refined—the end result makes it a source of aluminum and nickel. A diet that contains aluminum has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease, senility, osteoporosis and cancer. Some research suggests that margarine is nothing but plastic butter. As far as taste, well…I think real butter tastes better than melted Tupperware any day.

To discover the other four secrets on delicious cooking, be sure to follow my blog!

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