Finding Our Moral Compass

Many months later with Trump, these words still resonate.

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We are all unique souls traveling on this planet—learning, loving and living from day to day. Each individual soul is connected to a universal consciousness. This means that although each of us have been created in ways that are magnificently different from one another, we are still one and the same. How can this be? Essentially, we share the same collective consciousness. For instance, when a mother learns that her child has been bullied and beat up at school, she’s outraged. That’s because the heart of a good mother is the same regardless of where she lives or her social standing in the world. A mother’s political views and the color of her skin are entirely irrelevant when it comes to keeping her child out of harms way.  Of course, it’s not just mothers. As a collective consciousness, whenever we witness or hear about blatant, horrific crimes against innocent lives…

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The Effects of Stress

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2858445782_9b6962ae31_nNobody is immune from stress. Every week I hear all sorts of stories from my clients; some are being bogged down by the demands of a rigid work schedule while others face strenuous family obligations. Interestingly however, much of the way we deal with stress is based on our own perceptions and how we respond within a given set of life circumstances. What’s a source of pleasure for one person could cause major anxiety for another. Consider Marcus who loves to cook, yet his sister Gabriela, utterly despises it. This helps us to see that not all stress is created equal. For Marcus, cooking is enjoyable so his stress would be considered the good kind or eustress—it’s fun and exciting. Ironically, the same activity makes Gabriela extremely anxious, but her stress would be classified as acute. Keep in mind however, that acute stress is not necessarily bad—it’s a short-lived stress that may…

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How to Proactively Manage the Stress in Your Life.

The word ‘proactive’ is in the title of my book for a reason and after reading it, you’ll quickly realize why. Being proactive empowers you to manage your lifestyle and yourself so that you can become the healthiest version of YOU, healthier than you ever dreamed possible—in your mind, body and spirit! Yet in today’s world, you might question whether such an ideal is even feasible. Especially when we observe that social media has begun usurping our precious day, politics have viciously divided our country, and leaders within our government (on all sides) appear to be reeling from ongoing dysfunction. This modern-day mental stress might affect the well-being of some individuals more than others, but unless we’ve been living under a rock, we are all touched by it. Inevitably, too much stress, in any of its various forms, can take a toll on our psyche, collectively and individually. Sooner or later, something has to give.

Case in point. Recently, Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, (R-LA) took a bullet during a routine baseball practice. Was such a tragedy imminent due to the huge political schism which has polarized our country? Think about it. The gunman wasn’t a Jihadist or member of ISIS plotting to eradicate the GOP. He didn’t shout “Allah Akbar” during his rampage; nevertheless, his intent was the same—namely, to kill. Politically, this shooter James Hodgkinson, was a left-wing Liberal, and a member of several hate groups; one of which he took literally, called: Terminate the Republican Party. Obviously, he was a highly disturbed man and exceedingly stressed—mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Although America has suffered long from the mental instability of numerous deranged individuals, we cannot understate the gravity of these stressful times. Anxiety has increased significantly in our country as we observe the ramifications of post-election stress. Isn’t it time to calm down and let reality sink in?

If we put our differences aside, we should recognize that politically motivated violence along with its demoralizing rhetoric is unacceptable. Plain and simple. However, there are plenty of Americans who are still very angry and unwilling to normalize Trump’s presidency. It may be rough, but they really need to lighten up. Why? Here are a few reasons. First, even Trump supporters can admit that Donald Trump is not a normal president—he’s as unconventional as it gets. So from this vantage point, despite our political affiliation, we genuinely have a lot more in common than we realize. Second, the checks and balances established within our constitution will keep America grounded to her principles regardless of who resides in the Oval Office. Third, if we don’t unite as a country, this means more gridlock in Washington and less peace for all of us.

Furthermore, anger is a normal human emotion—we all have it. However, when anger begins to wreak havoc on others through hateful speech and actions, it’s a red flag of mismanaged stress. We may be fuming about a certain situation, but it’s how we respond in that situation which can make all the difference in the world. Notice I used the word ‘respond’ and not ‘react’. Reacting is involuntary, responding however, means we are making a choice based on our values. As discussed in my book, responding is a byproduct of being proactive. In other words, as we learn to be proactive, we can still choose our own private response even in the midst of suffering.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can hurt you without your consent.” Gandhi said, “They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them.” When we proactively manage our life, this helps us gain the control to better manage our health and stress. There couldn’t be a better time to start implementing this life-changing Proactive Health Solution (PHS) Principle: Be Proactive—it’s a HUGE remedy to managing stress!

Pause for a moment to reflect. This pause shouldn’t be a ‘stop to smell the roses’ moment. It needs to be a very long moment to get serious, and think about your life. Take a personal inventory. Are you proactively managing your life? What are your priorities? How would you rate the quality of your life? Do you genuinely value your health and if so, what are you doing to manage your stress? Does wisdom, clarity and peace guide your decisions? Are you living a purpose driven life, or just going through the motions?

That’s a lot to take in and figure out on your own. However, when you follow the roadmap of the Proactive Health Solution with its five progressive components, you will naturally evolve from Lifestyle Management into Healthy Self-Management as you travel on a journey toward optimal health. You will gain the peace of mind and discipline that’s so desperately needed in these high times of stress. The Proactive Health Solution is a powerful bridge that will lift you up, not tear you down. It will support and encourage you regardless of your political stance. All of us, need this. Now. Click here to order your copy today!


Does technology help or hinder your workout?

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2347247356_540697b6d6_nWhile I was working out the other day, I noticed a middle-aged man get on the treadmill next to me and straddle the outside. Although he was fidgeting with something, I figured it would just be moments before he set up his treadmill and started using it. After a few minutes or so, I glanced over to see what was going on. To my dismay he set up his treadmill, but never really utilized it. This guy was so distracted and fixated with his iPad, he had no business being on a treadmill. His workout consisted of walking for approximately 15 seconds while holding on to the handle bars, then pausing for 3 minutes to scroll through some apps and push buttons on his device. This process of walking for 15 seconds and pausing for at least 3 minutes, continued back and forth for 30 minutes. Seriously?! This was wrong…

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Got Legs?

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seaside lungeZZ Top: “She’s got legs, she knows how to use them.” Even if you’re not old enough to be familiar with ZZ Top, these lyrics convey a simple message that is timeless and valuable. Today, health enthusiasts can discover a new appreciation for these bearded musicians. Most of us get up in the morning without ever thinking about our legs. What happens when we injure them though? Well then, it becomes an entirely different story. If we tear a meniscus, sprang an ankle, or break a femur, suddenly, our whole world revolves around getting our mobility back! Like many other blessings in this life, sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have, until it’s gone.

Multitudes of people across the globe simply don’t value and harness their ability to move. More often than not, exercise is viewed as an afterthought; it’s never a priority for many individuals until they become significantly…

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The effects of fat on your fat

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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3665911253_60d29b7acf_nIt was only a couple decades ago that the mainstream believed a diet high in fat would make us fat. Food manufacturers began stripping the fat from many packaged items and replaced what was lost in flavor with sugar and other additives. In the years that followed, we saw a steady rise of individuals gaining weight. Not many people made the connection however, this excess intake of sugar with refined grains was primarily at fault. Instead, fat remained the villain. In the aftermath of the Atkins diet mania, the health industry sent out a new message—a low-fat diet didn’t have any health benefits, with the exception of limiting saturated fat. Fast forward into more recent years, and still, we’re getting bombarded with mixed messages. As a personal trainer, I hear all sorts of ongoing debates. One week the fat in egg yolks is bad for us, the next week, it’s all good.


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Finding Our Moral Compass

We are all unique souls traveling on this planet—learning, loving and living from day to day. Each individual soul is connected to a universal consciousness. This means that although each of us have been created in ways that are magnificently different from one another, we are still one and the same. How can this be? Essentially, we share the same collective consciousness. For instance, when a mother learns that her child has been bullied and beat up at school, she’s outraged. That’s because the heart of a good mother is the same regardless of where she lives or her social standing in the world. A mother’s political views and the color of her skin are entirely irrelevant when it comes to keeping her child out of harms way.  Of course, it’s not just mothers. As a collective consciousness, whenever we witness or hear about blatant, horrific crimes against innocent lives; this is disturbing to us all.

Yet in some instances, abuse is disguised in subtle forms. Perhaps it will manifest through a backhanded compliment, sarcasm, or the twisted words of a jealous, hypocritical, disrespectful friend or family member. Sometimes, abuse is not always easy to discern, but make no mistake, it can be exhibited in multiple ways—verbally, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Often in order to cope with painful situations, we choose to put on the blinders, but denial is NOT our happy place. Those blinders might work as a short-term coping mechanism; but in the long-run it has a way of backfiring. Over time, denial can cloud our judgement, insult our intelligence and diminish our self-esteem.  Mindfulness is essential to our health and well-being.

On the surface, we go about our day business as usual; but underneath this exterior, there is a great disturbance. That’s because our personal integrity and other aspects of our well-being are at stake. Whenever we discount our own truth, this begins to stifle our potential. Left unchecked, denial can slowly erode the quality of our life and negatively impact those around us.  Whether this underlying damage transpires individually, or collectively, there comes a point when enough is enough. In order to heal; whether mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically, we need to raise our awareness to a higher dimension and reclaim a better grip on reality.

Moreover, there’s something else we need to help us gain clarity, wisdom and peace of mind. Something larger than life. Call it whatever you want. God, Universal Spirit, Christ, Alpha and Omega, Divine Spirit, Allah, Messiah or Yahweh—this higher source of power is our moral compass. It’s the unifying force that can guide all of us along the right path. Inside each of us therein lies a hidden, yet shared cosmos. We are each a single point of consciousness, yet together, we’re connected to this universal source of power. Collectively, we are one.

Why is it so important that we start to see ourselves as one? Well, let’s face it; the aftermath of the Trump presidency has propelled us into a different era. Some call it an alternative reality. America is in the midst of tumultuous times—deep polarization has taken root in our collective soul. Changes are occurring rapidly, and while several of these shifts could prove to be beneficial, many people still feel overwhelmed, anxious and disillusioned. For some, fear of the unknown that is brought about by abrupt change makes every day more challenging to cope.

While several of us are trying to sort through a myriad of concerns, others have put on their blinders. After all, the surge of diversions seem relentless. As we scroll through our newsfeed, negativity bombards us at every juncture. Regardless of our political stance; the backbiting, disorder and strife will take its toll on our well-being—mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That’s because when we focus so much attention on our differences, together we lose our moral compass.  We are different, indeed; yet we do share in a collective consciousness which comes from the unifying spiritual presence of God.

Fortunately, since God’s laws are written on our hearts; intrinsically, most of us do recognize the difference between right and wrong. Regardless of our religious inclination; this moral compass can be found within each of us. Hebrews 10:16 (NIV):  “This is the covenant I will make with them after that time, says the Lord. I will put my laws in their hearts, and I will write them on their minds.”  However, in order for the compass to operate, it requires the power of one magnet. At the heart of that magnetic force comes a simple message which summarizes all rules of religious rhetoric. It says: Love your neighbor as yourself. Mark 12:29-31 (NIV): “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’  The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”  The receiver must activate the magnet through this basic rule of instruction, otherwise the compass won’t operate.

So where am I going with this? When the storms of life demagnetize our compass, we get lost.  Once we find a quiet place to leave the turbulent disturbance behind, we can magnetize our compass properly and get back on track. How do we do this? For a few moments, stop viewing people as: Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Deplorables, Bullies, Snowflakes, Racists, Bigots, Fascists, etc. That doesn’t mean these descriptions don’t exist—they do and some seem to be gaining more momentum than others. However, for the compass to operate as it should, the needle must be facing true north. Together we need to activate the magnet, magnetize the compass, and start heading in the right direction. When our collective moral compass is powered up in the right way, will any of our differences matter at that point?

Here’s another way to look at it. When a couple unites in marriage, they come forward as two entirely distinct individuals, yet they merge together into one.  In fact, they could be the polar opposite in many ways, but that contrast doesn’t detract from their love for each other. Instead, they embrace those differences as they understand it brings more balance and harmony into their relationship. For example, the Yang protects, and the Yin nurtures. Think of the Yin and Yang as complementary, not opposing forces; the whole being greater than its parts.

Similarly, when people join together to support a common cause, they’re representing one voice. The opposition may pose a difference in values, but not in humanity.  We can agree to disagree. This is our privilege—it comes with the gift of free will and being proactive. However, let’s not forget that we are still one people, one country, one voice. As such, this requires that we show respect for the dignity of mankind, not just for our preferred party. Forget the label of “Republican” or “Democrat.” Regardless of our affiliation, each of us should do our part to move forward with clarity, wisdom and peace.

As one nation, we need to heal; and there’s probably no better time than now to start reading the Proactive Health Solution. This uplifting book takes no sides. It provides healing to all of us—in mind, body and spirit. In these uncertain times, the basic structure of the PHS is exactly what we need. It will help inspire, enlighten and guide us on a better path. There’s no other health and fitness book of this kind on the market—one that combines the inspirational word of God with insight from a highly experienced certified personal trainer—aka, yours truly. Oh and let me leave you with something else; a founding theme that should resonate in all of our hearts. Read below and notice the words in bold.

The Pledge of Allegiance: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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What are the fruits of your family tree?

An inspirational message to take control of your health!

The Proactive Health Solution

3252165023_8a3ecb00c0_nGrams, Nana, Oma, Yaya, Nonna, Tetta, Babushka, Tutu, Lola, Jiddah, Nina, Bella, Vovo; and the list goes on. Such are the endearing names for grandmother which originated in different parts of the world. These words connect us to our ancestors whether we are aware of their country’s origin or not. Each of us inherited a unique set of genes and with that, comes our native health history. Have you ever noticed when you first schedule an appointment with any doctor, the administrator hands you a lengthy health history form? The medical experts want to know everything about your genetics. This interrogation process starts with detailed questions about your parents and siblings, and it may continue far beyond your grandparents. Who in your family tree, had cancer, heart disease, diabetes?

Certainly, some aspects of our health we inherit genetically. We might discover a lot about ourselves when we study our ancestors. What is our response, when we learn that…

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Monitor Your Internal Critic

Same story, different year!!! What’s your story?

The Proactive Health Solution

5983042915_d1ace38e17_nAt the onset of every New Year, people from all walks of life start pouring into the gym. Being a personal trainer, I realize that January is a time we get more determined to set and reach new goals; however, is this the only month when our health becomes a top priority? What about the weeks and months that follow? Well, in February, this exercise enthusiasm dies down a bit, and by the time March rolls around, regular gym members breathe a huge sigh of relief as the resolution hoopla finally subsides. Have you ever wondered why this fitness frenzy occurs, and why it’s so short-lived?

Certainly there are a host of reasons, but there’s one major stumbling block that can trip anyone up (except perhaps, Donald Trump). It is the self-bashing voice of one’s own internal critic. For example, a few weeks ago while I was in the gym…

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Break That Darn Plateau!

The Proactive Health Solution

9259069734_9142087a4d_n Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results—Albert Einstein.  Seriously, I wonder why those brilliant words aren’t plastered on the walls of every gym across the globe. As a Personal Trainer, I’ve been observing people working out in different capacities over the last fifteen years. It grieves me to say that many gym members come in regularly, yet never get results. Having spent so much time in this arena, I know there are a multitude of reasons for this gridlock, but I want to zero-in on one common culprit that many people face, yet rarely consider. A huge part of this dilemma stems from an individual’s unwillingness to step out of his/her comfort zone. Most people only think about a plateau as it relates to their work out routine, when they’ve hit a wall and can’t seem to progress any farther. However, the discomfort that’s…

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