About the Book

The Proactive Health Solution (PHS) is a roadmap that educates and empowers people to develop a healthy lifestyle as it supports all dimensions of health and well-being—in mind, body and spirit.  It isn’t only about learning what to do to lose weight, eat right, and exercise. Plenty of people already know what to do, but they still don’t do it. So while gaining knowledge is certainly important, learning how to overcome life’s daily challenges through proactive behaviors must also be taught. The PHS is a guide that will motivate you into making the important changes you need to live a healthy lifestyle. It will teach you how to apply fundamental principles to proactively manage your lifestyle, your self and all aspects of your health and well-being. The PHS is not only brimming over with great health and fitness information, it will inspire you when you need motivation to get off the couch!  This unique book is the missing link between knowing what to do and actually doing it.

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