Secret #4 on Delicious Cooking: A Tasty Five-Course Series

Reference for students @ Farmington Steam Academy

The Proactive Health Solution

25631580153_593008b3e0_nHave you ever watched an episode of Chopped on The Food Network? If so, you get it. A contestant prepares a meal that hits all the right notes and tastes ultra-yummy. As a result, the judges tend to be more forgiving if that same meal had been served with a less-than-perfect presentation. In a competitive throw down, the tastier meal will triumph over another dish that might look prettier on the plate, but falls completely flat on the flavor profile. It’s only human nature that many of us make assumptions about a dish based upon what it looks like. However, as the old adage goes, you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Realistically, what keeps us coming back for more is every scrumptious bite of goodness.

To elaborate, let me give you an example.  Every so often, my family and a few extended relatives will gather together for…

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