Secret #3 on Delicious Cooking: A Tasty Five-Course Series

Reference for students @ Farmington Steam Academy

The Proactive Health Solution

279775064_117a6d9fbb_nYes, it’s been a while. Hopefully, you didn’t forget the first two secrets in this tasty five-course series! So before moving on, let’s recap. Remember, the first secret—use good quality ingredients; this carries tremendous weight. Why? In a nutshell, better quality equals better taste. The second secret—just believe in yourself—simple enough, yet quite powerful.  You shouldn’t allow a flopped dish to make you throw in the kitchen towel so to speak. When you follow the next secret, you’ll have a better chance of turning those flopped dishes around.

Secret number three: Be Creative!   Cooking is not just a skill; it’s an artistic expression. Consider for a moment, all those beautifully decorated wedding cakes or your niece’s festive Christmas cookies. Flip your TV channel to The Food Network and watch experienced bakers duke it out in a creative battle of Cupcake Wars! Yup, even that monstrous sandwich your little brother…

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