Finding Our Moral Compass

Many months later with Trump, these words still resonate.

The Proactive Health Solution

We are all unique souls traveling on this planet—learning, loving and living from day to day. Each individual soul is connected to a universal consciousness. This means that although each of us have been created in ways that are magnificently different from one another, we are still one and the same. How can this be? Essentially, we share the same collective consciousness. For instance, when a mother learns that her child has been bullied and beat up at school, she’s outraged. That’s because the heart of a good mother is the same regardless of where she lives or her social standing in the world. A mother’s political views and the color of her skin are entirely irrelevant when it comes to keeping her child out of harms way.  Of course, it’s not just mothers. As a collective consciousness, whenever we witness or hear about blatant, horrific crimes against innocent lives…

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