The Effects of Stress

The Proactive Health Solution

2858445782_9b6962ae31_nNobody is immune from stress. Every week I hear all sorts of stories from my clients; some are being bogged down by the demands of a rigid work schedule while others face strenuous family obligations. Interestingly however, much of the way we deal with stress is based on our own perceptions and how we respond within a given set of life circumstances. What’s a source of pleasure for one person could cause major anxiety for another. Consider Marcus who loves to cook, yet his sister Gabriela, utterly despises it. This helps us to see that not all stress is created equal. For Marcus, cooking is enjoyable so his stress would be considered the good kind or eustress—it’s fun and exciting. Ironically, the same activity makes Gabriela extremely anxious, but her stress would be classified as acute. Keep in mind however, that acute stress is not necessarily bad—it’s a short-lived stress that may…

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