How to Proactively Manage the Stress in Your Life.

The word ‘proactive’ is in the title of my book for a reason and after reading it, you’ll quickly realize why. Being proactive empowers you to manage your lifestyle and yourself so that you can become the healthiest version of YOU, healthier than you ever dreamed possible—in your mind, body and spirit! Yet in today’s world, you might question whether such an ideal is even feasible. Especially when we observe that social media has begun usurping our precious day, politics have viciously divided our country, and leaders within our government (on all sides) appear to be reeling from ongoing dysfunction. This modern-day mental stress might affect the well-being of some individuals more than others, but unless we’ve been living under a rock, we are all touched by it. Inevitably, too much stress, in any of its various forms, can take a toll on our psyche, collectively and individually. Sooner or later, something has to give.

Case in point. Recently, Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, (R-LA) took a bullet during a routine baseball practice. Was such a tragedy imminent due to the huge political schism which has polarized our country? Think about it. The gunman wasn’t a Jihadist or member of ISIS plotting to eradicate the GOP. He didn’t shout “Allah Akbar” during his rampage; nevertheless, his intent was the same—namely, to kill. Politically, this shooter James Hodgkinson, was a left-wing Liberal, and a member of several hate groups; one of which he took literally, called: Terminate the Republican Party. Obviously, he was a highly disturbed man and exceedingly stressed—mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Although America has suffered long from the mental instability of numerous deranged individuals, we cannot understate the gravity of these stressful times. Anxiety has increased significantly in our country as we observe the ramifications of post-election stress. Isn’t it time to calm down and let reality sink in?

If we put our differences aside, we should recognize that politically motivated violence along with its demoralizing rhetoric is unacceptable. Plain and simple. However, there are plenty of Americans who are still very angry and unwilling to normalize Trump’s presidency. It may be rough, but they really need to lighten up. Why? Here are a few reasons. First, even Trump supporters can admit that Donald Trump is not a normal president—he’s as unconventional as it gets. So from this vantage point, despite our political affiliation, we genuinely have a lot more in common than we realize. Second, the checks and balances established within our constitution will keep America grounded to her principles regardless of who resides in the Oval Office. Third, if we don’t unite as a country, this means more gridlock in Washington and less peace for all of us.

Furthermore, anger is a normal human emotion—we all have it. However, when anger begins to wreak havoc on others through hateful speech and actions, it’s a red flag of mismanaged stress. We may be fuming about a certain situation, but it’s how we respond in that situation which can make all the difference in the world. Notice I used the word ‘respond’ and not ‘react’. Reacting is involuntary, responding however, means we are making a choice based on our values. As discussed in my book, responding is a byproduct of being proactive. In other words, as we learn to be proactive, we can still choose our own private response even in the midst of suffering.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can hurt you without your consent.” Gandhi said, “They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them.” When we proactively manage our life, this helps us gain the control to better manage our health and stress. There couldn’t be a better time to start implementing this life-changing Proactive Health Solution (PHS) Principle: Be Proactive—it’s a HUGE remedy to managing stress!

Pause for a moment to reflect. This pause shouldn’t be a ‘stop to smell the roses’ moment. It needs to be a very long moment to get serious, and think about your life. Take a personal inventory. Are you proactively managing your life? What are your priorities? How would you rate the quality of your life? Do you genuinely value your health and if so, what are you doing to manage your stress? Does wisdom, clarity and peace guide your decisions? Are you living a purpose driven life, or just going through the motions?

That’s a lot to take in and figure out on your own. However, when you follow the roadmap of the Proactive Health Solution with its five progressive components, you will naturally evolve from Lifestyle Management into Healthy Self-Management as you travel on a journey toward optimal health. You will gain the peace of mind and discipline that’s so desperately needed in these high times of stress. The Proactive Health Solution is a powerful bridge that will lift you up, not tear you down. It will support and encourage you regardless of your political stance. All of us, need this. Now. Click here to order your copy today!