Does technology help or hinder your workout?

The Proactive Health Solution

2347247356_540697b6d6_nWhile I was working out the other day, I noticed a middle-aged man get on the treadmill next to me and straddle the outside. Although he was fidgeting with something, I figured it would just be moments before he set up his treadmill and started using it. After a few minutes or so, I glanced over to see what was going on. To my dismay he set up his treadmill, but never really utilized it. This guy was so distracted and fixated with his iPad, he had no business being on a treadmill. His workout consisted of walking for approximately 15 seconds while holding on to the handle bars, then pausing for 3 minutes to scroll through some apps and push buttons on his device. This process of walking for 15 seconds and pausing for at least 3 minutes, continued back and forth for 30 minutes. Seriously?! This was wrong…

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