The effects of fat on your fat

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

The Proactive Health Solution

3665911253_60d29b7acf_nIt was only a couple decades ago that the mainstream believed a diet high in fat would make us fat. Food manufacturers began stripping the fat from many packaged items and replaced what was lost in flavor with sugar and other additives. In the years that followed, we saw a steady rise of individuals gaining weight. Not many people made the connection however, this excess intake of sugar with refined grains was primarily at fault. Instead, fat remained the villain. In the aftermath of the Atkins diet mania, the health industry sent out a new message—a low-fat diet didn’t have any health benefits, with the exception of limiting saturated fat. Fast forward into more recent years, and still, we’re getting bombarded with mixed messages. As a personal trainer, I hear all sorts of ongoing debates. One week the fat in egg yolks is bad for us, the next week, it’s all good.


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