What are the fruits of your family tree?

An inspirational message to take control of your health!

The Proactive Health Solution

3252165023_8a3ecb00c0_nGrams, Nana, Oma, Yaya, Nonna, Tetta, Babushka, Tutu, Lola, Jiddah, Nina, Bella, Vovo; and the list goes on. Such are the endearing names for grandmother which originated in different parts of the world. These words connect us to our ancestors whether we are aware of their country’s origin or not. Each of us inherited a unique set of genes and with that, comes our native health history. Have you ever noticed when you first schedule an appointment with any doctor, the administrator hands you a lengthy health history form? The medical experts want to know everything about your genetics. This interrogation process starts with detailed questions about your parents and siblings, and it may continue far beyond your grandparents. Who in your family tree, had cancer, heart disease, diabetes?

Certainly, some aspects of our health we inherit genetically. We might discover a lot about ourselves when we study our ancestors. What is our response, when we learn that…

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