Monitor Your Internal Critic

Same story, different year!!! What’s your story?

The Proactive Health Solution

5983042915_d1ace38e17_nAt the onset of every New Year, people from all walks of life start pouring into the gym. Being a personal trainer, I realize that January is a time we get more determined to set and reach new goals; however, is this the only month when our health becomes a top priority? What about the weeks and months that follow? Well, in February, this exercise enthusiasm dies down a bit, and by the time March rolls around, regular gym members breathe a huge sigh of relief as the resolution hoopla finally subsides. Have you ever wondered why this fitness frenzy occurs, and why it’s so short-lived?

Certainly there are a host of reasons, but there’s one major stumbling block that can trip anyone up (except perhaps, Donald Trump). It is the self-bashing voice of one’s own internal critic. For example, a few weeks ago while I was in the gym…

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