Secret #5 on Delicious Cooking: A Tasty Five-Course Series

15683243130_b852e6747a_nJames 1:2-4 (NIV) “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

At the beginning of this series, I mentioned that if you care at all about your health and weight, then you’d better care about what you eat. That sounds great in theory, but for busy people, preparing healthy and delicious meals is a very tall order. Realistically, everything takes work. Reading labels, scrutinizing GMO vs. non-GMO ingredients, staying in-the know, grocery shopping, hauling groceries, putting them away, prepping meals, and developing a decent set of culinary skills requires time and energy. For many of us, to say that perseverance is needed is quite the understatement.

Cooking for yourself is one thing. As hard as that may be for some, when you factor a spouse and several children into the equation, your need for perseverance will rise to a whole new level! The truth is many of us are hard-pressed for time. Consequently, some of us overlook the work involved with cooking in a health conscious way and prefer the short cut of convenience foods. But unfortunately in this day and age, given how much our food system has been altered, we can not overlook anything. If we do, then it shouldn’t come as surprise when we fail to lose weight or reach any of our health and fitness goals. To make matters worse, eating the wrong foods will wreak havoc on our bodies and deter us from setting a good example for our families. So how does one who’s serious about health gain the motivation and discipline to get out of this funk? First of all, making significant strides toward a healthier life doesn’t occur overnight. It’s a process and for some of us, a very long one.  Over the long haul, it may require some serious lifestyle changes. That’s where being proactive and taking responsibility come into play. Those crucial principles set the foundation for how well we manage our lifestyle as outlined in chapters five and six of my book The Proactive Health Solution. We must learn to focus on what we value in life not merely through lip service, but through proactive behaviors. Anyone who’s serious about improving his/her lifestyle and health should read this book. In the interim, perhaps the next secret will help.

Secret #5: Practice makes perfect!

On your journey of healthy cooking, inevitably mistakes and setbacks will happen, but don’t give up! Practice, practice and practice some more. Be persistent. This is a secret of life success whether you’re trying to cook a healthy meal or accomplish any goal.  As the scripture says, consider your trials a joy, and continue to persevere. As you continue to practice, you will learn what works and what doesn’t work. Then before you know it, you can whip up a healthy and delicious meal like it’s nobody’s business! This is your time to start implementing these health secrets into delicious meals.

If you missed the secrets in this series, go back and read each one. For now, let’s recap. Learning how to make heathy food choices means gaining a good understanding about what you should eat, as well as what you should avoid. (Secret #1) Striving to cook in a healthier way requires a basic belief in yourself along with a conscious effort. (Secret #2) You must accept the learning curve involved. For instance, if something doesn’t turn out quite right, rather than just giving up and resorting to the quick-fix of ordering pizza, that’s your time to be creative. Can you repurpose a flopped dish? Remember, cooking is not just a skill, it’s an artistic expression. (Secret #3). Maybe you know how to cook a healthy meal, but what in the world does it taste like? Do you know how to amp up the flavor and health benefits of your meals by using a wide array of herbs and spices? (Secret #4) In time, it’s your diligent practice that will make a meal healthy, delicious and simply perfect! (Secret #5)

All these secrets can help you eat healthy and improve your ability to cook, but in light of everything you learned, the power rests in your own hands. Will you put your knowledge into action? Nothing will change, until you make a change. Although you’ve reached the end of this series, you don’t need to go this alone. The Proactive Health Solution is always there to help. When the going gets tough and you feel overwhelmed, pick up this book.  It will guide, inspire, educate and empower you to take control of your life and health!













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