Secret #3 on Delicious Cooking: A Tasty Five-Course Series

279775064_117a6d9fbb_nYes, it’s been a while. Hopefully, you didn’t forget the first two secrets in this tasty five-course series! So before moving on, let’s recap. Remember, the first secret—use good quality ingredients; this carries tremendous weight. Why? In a nutshell, better quality equals better taste. The second secret—just believe in yourself—simple enough, yet quite powerful.  You shouldn’t allow a flopped dish to make you throw in the kitchen towel so to speak. When you follow the next secret, you’ll have a better chance of turning those flopped dishes around.

Secret number three: Be Creative!   Cooking is not just a skill; it’s an artistic expression. Consider for a moment, all those beautifully decorated wedding cakes or your niece’s festive Christmas cookies. Flip your TV channel to The Food Network and watch experienced bakers duke it out in a creative battle of Cupcake Wars! Yup, even that monstrous sandwich your little brother contrived can be considered artwork. Order hummus in an authentic Arabic restaurant, and just observe the garnish! Often, it’s sprinkled with fresh parsley along with a decorative streak of smoked paprika, chickpeas nestled in the center, all drizzled with some extra virgin olive oil. This could be served with some olives, pink turnips on the side, and a tempting warm basket of bread beckoning you to dig in. That’s just the appetizer! When you visit a fancy Italian restaurant; the waiter comes by and grates some parmesan cheese on your wild mushroom fusilli, or grinds a dash of fresh pepper into your crispy mixed-greens salad. Simple, yet elegant. Our trajectory of creative food concoctions is endless!

Those added touches are not only pleasing to our palate and great for presentation, but we can take advantage of that same creative process to fix many cooking mishaps. For instance, in the last post, Joan’s first attempt at making brown rice turned out to be a pile of mush. However, with a bit of creativity, she could’ve repurposed that rice into a delicious homemade soup. Instead, she got frustrated, dumped it out, burned the second batch and ended up ordering pizza! Well, of course there’s nothing wrong with enjoying pizza occasionally, however, if we’re continually resorting to fast food as a matter of convenience, this will certainly take its toll on our health. That’s because our main food system has become so infiltrated with unhealthy additives, even organic ingredients can be ruined under false pretext.  If we’re not buying our own groceries, proactively reading labels and know what to avoid, then ultimately we will lose control over the junk we ingest. That junk has a negative impact on our weight, energy levels, cholesterol, blood pressure and so much more!

Don’t be fooled by false advertising. Do your own homework! Food that is legitimately good quality will taste significantly better than it’s highly processed, quick-fix counterpart. For example, which would you prefer? A slice of carrot cake that is homemade with real organic ingredients, or the store bought version loaded with trans-fat and genetically modified gobbledygook. Seriously, there’s no comparison in taste. By making healthy food choices a way of life and learning to prepare your own meals, you will inherently gain more control over your health. So remember, if you mess up a dish, don’t despair; be creative! As mentioned earlier, pay very close attention to the details. Stay tuned, there’s still more to come. To learn more about the positive changes you should be making in your diet, read The Proactive Health Solution!! This uplifting, resourceful guide is packed with gems of wisdom!



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