Finding Your Balance toward Optimal Health

5751301741_aa8463e472_nOptimal health could mean different things to different people. Many individuals associate it with the way a person looks—sexy-toned muscles, washboard abs and beauty has seemingly become synonymous to health. While some focus on the mental, emotional or spiritual aspects of well-being, others are more concerned about fitness level, athletic performance, or extreme workout regimes. From our personal standpoint, there’s no right or wrong answer. Anyone who begins this journey toward optimal health will discover that some dimension of the mind-body-spirit continuum may be striving to progress. Yet, optimal health is not confined to only one dimension of well-being. It’s a balanced integration of all these dimensions—a healthy mind, body and spirit. At its pinnacle or even along the way, we may find beauty, vitality, fitness, confidence, discipline, peace and balance.

This is a personal journey that takes place one day at a time. Begin with the end in mind by gathering a quantum vision of what you want to achieve. Perhaps you’ve lost sight of your health and fitness goals because every time you tried, something got in the way. But now, you can stop being discouraged. The Proactive Health Solution (PHS) is an educational roadmap that can guide you on this journey regardless of your circumstances. The PHS Pyramid imparts fundamental life principles to empower you every step of the way and to help keep you on-track. One of those principles reveals the significance of finding balance in three key areas: your lifestyle, your inner-self, and your physical body. While you would have to read my book to learn about each area, let’s briefly consider how balance is vital to your physical body.

First, consider some of your body’s systems, such as, your muscular system, digestive system, nervous system, skeletal system, circulatory system, endocrine system and so on. Next, question how each one is functioning. Did you know that if one system of your physical body is out of balance, this will have an effect on the others? For example, my Dad recently had surgery for a partial hip-replacement. His hip fracture disrupted the stability of his skeletal system which adversely affected his muscular and nervous system. What follows is several months of physical therapy. He must retrain his repaired skeletal system to work harmoniously with his other systems by rebuilding a stable degree of neuromuscular efficiency. Essentially, his road toward recovery is focused on regaining balance. Incidentally, for any older folks reading this blog, I hope this provides enough incentive for starting a strength-training program! Building muscle increases bone-density which could help prevent injuries from a slip and fall accident.

Yet we’ve only scratched the surface from this physical standpoint. When pursuing your fitness goals, organic balances need to be monitored such as those between caloric intake and energy expenditure, activity level and rest. If you’re not mindful about your food portions, it won’t matter how much you exercise. But it’s not just the quantity of food that can throw your body off-track, it’s the quality as well. The types of food you eat will affect your pH balance, or more specifically, the ratio of alkaline versus acid in your body. When the ratio of acidity in your body is too high, this can wreak havoc on your internal systems by creating inflammation, arthritis, infections, bronchitis, and so on. Many people notice a dramatic improvement in their energy levels after switching from eating foods that are highly acidic to a more alkaline diet. By correcting these substance imbalances through a balanced nutrition program, the body will naturally start to heal itself from degenerative conditions.

Regaining balance is an important PHS Principle that can be applied on numerous levels while striving toward optimal health. It’s required for effective lifestyle management to help us juggle our priorities and daily activities.  At the hub of healthy self-management, it promotes our spiritual well-being and helps us find our inner peace or Zen. To learn more about this principle or how to apply all the PHS Principles to your life, read The Proactive Health Solution.

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One thought on “Finding Your Balance toward Optimal Health

  1. How true all of this is from Habit #1 Begin with the end in mind to monitoring what and how much you eat. It is a perfect reminder for all of the summer celebrations that are coming up!


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