The hub of healthy self-management

2592478285_f100ce3ed1_n“Everything in moderation” is an often-used expression when it comes to food and alcohol, yet this motto can apply to our entire life. Inevitably, we will all face intense predicaments throughout our lifetime. Our journey is not always smooth sailing and life can certainly test us in some extreme ways. How do we conduct ourselves when we’re being pulled in different directions, the boss is demanding extra work hours without compensation, and our next door neighbor is creating more drama than an old episode of “Desperate Housewives?” Given the same set of tough circumstances, what causes one person to remain calm and function resourcefully, while another ends up in a frenzied melt-down? To some degree, we may attribute this discrepancy to genetic variances in our psychological make-up. It could also signify the byproducts of an environment and upbringing, but let’s keep in mind that many individuals have risen from the ashes of brokenness and poverty to become psychologically well-adjusted and successful. So the question remains; is there a link to gaining balance in our life or understanding this contrast in behaviors?

Yes. If we study the PHS Pyramid with its five main components, we will discover that the larger part of this discrepancy in one’s disposition and behavior is twofold. First, it stems from our lifestyle choices and second, it depends on how successful we are in managing our inner-self—in mind, emotions and spirit. As we progress from the PHS component of Lifestyle Management into Healthy Self-Management and up the PHS Pyramid, we grasp this need for balance in three key areas: our lifestyle, our inner-self and our physical body. Consequently, we must learn how to implement this PHS principle of regaining balance. How do we find our center? What is the hub of healthy self-management? The answer draws us toward a natural shift in spiritual well-being. For instance, if we need to overcome any addiction such as alcohol abuse or overeating, we must turn to a force that is greater than ourselves to help us fight this battle. Our higher source of power will go to work on our behalf, helping us to conquer our weaknesses mentally and emotionally.

With the spiritual healing power of God on our side, we can regain balance in all areas of our life. Christ brings us closer to an internal state of peace and equilibrium that can keep us grounded—yes, even in spite of our circumstance. He is our ROCK and ultimate reference point. When we’re tapped into His spiritual power, it’s possible to find an inner calm in the midst of life’s storms. In times of tragedy, people often comment that there’s no greater force than the power in the human spirit. This power we experience is a gift deposited to us from our heavenly Father above. Christ is bigger than any of our life problems or health issues. As we honor the wisdom of this Divine Spirit, we empower ourselves toward healthy self-management. So first, remember that even in a bad situation you always have a proactive choice about how you will respond. Second, to remain calm and self-composed, stay connected to your spiritual source.

1 Corinthians 10:3  “They all ate the same spiritual food and drank the same spiritual drink; for they drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ.”

To learn more about this PHS principle, how to implement it, or what you need to bring more balance into your life, click the link below.


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  1. Amen! That could have not been said any better! My take away message is to pray to God for problems that seem too big for us. God is bigger than any problem, and he will see us through!


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