A Mother’s Imprint

8477734222_258161ffbe_nFor thousands of years, festivities of mothers and motherhood have occurred throughout the world. These older traditions have now become synonymous with Mother’s Day—a modern celebration that honors one’s own mother, motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mother’s in society. Today, Mother’s Day is observed in over 40 countries across the globe on various months and dates. This special day is most commonly celebrated in the months of March or May—usually on the 2nd Sunday. It’s no wonder mothers are revered. On some level, even as we age, the thought of Mom brings us comfort and warmth. They have an uncanny ability to continually give, and are endowed with a devotional love for their children that intuitively overrides their own desires. And despite all the time, energy and sacrifice associated with this role, most moms will agree; it is incredibly rewarding. So if you’re a mother, congratulations for holding down one of the most challenging, yet highly valued positions in the world!

Many moms seem to have something in common. They are quick to neglect themselves in lieu of providing the best possible care and upbringing for their children. Frequently, this type of selflessness is perceived as commendable, but there is a subsequent downside. A mother who continually operates out of self-neglect doesn’t provide her child with an example of proper self-care, or any incentive to develop healthy behaviors. For example, an obese and sedentary mother who insists that her son or daughter participate in a rigorous exercise program is sending a message with mixed-signals. Unfortunately, when the child becomes confused or embarrassed by a parent, this does not help him/her develop an appreciation for physical activity or a healthy lifestyle. Children need guidance as well as inspiration from their parents. A mother makes a huge impression on her own child and this imprint extends into all areas of society. If she’s healthy and practices what she preaches; her influence will touch more people, whether she has one kid or one dozen. As a health-conscious role model, she will do far more to help her children understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, than if she continued to neglect her own health and well-being. Surely, the tremendous advantages of Mom taking care of herself are win-win.

We’re living in a new era. It’s time for mothers to learn proper self-care. If everybody else comes first, then this book: The Proactive Health Solution is for you! It has your name all over it! Read it and discover how to make your health and well-being a priority. Since most of the world celebrates Mother’s Day in May, you may be wondering why I’m blogging about this now. Well, if you’re truly grateful for your Mom, then there’s no better time, to BE PROACTIVE and pay her back for all her loyalty and love. Don’t wait until the last minute to get only a card and flowers on Mother’s Day. Do something extra special and order her a copy of The Proactive Health Solution today! She absolutely deserves it! Rest assured, this inspirational gift will help Mom get healthier and facilitate her positive, timeless imprint into the world.

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