My journey back to health —Evon Buckley

Years of unmanaged stress, always on the go and forgetting about my health while caring for others as a nurse resulted in diagnoses of diabetes, obesity, and a severe case of Bell ’s Palsy. “You’ve been taking care of others for years. It is now time to choose to take care of you,” my cousin Marc said as he handed me a copy of the Proactive Health Solution (PHS). “It is your choice” he said. For this gift, I am forever grateful. The PHS has changed my life. He graced me with a treasure chest full of gems of wisdom for my journey back to health. The PHS is not simply a “self-help” or “how-to” book. It is a book of ACTION—physical, emotional, and spiritual next steps to health! Many health books start with To-Do lists. The PHS started with ME!

PHS walked with me through AWARENESS—providing this key to unlock the understanding of my lifestyle management, and the “why’s and why not’s” of my health behaviors. It challenged me and then guided me out-of-and-beyond the old obstacles. By teaching me to overcome and witnessing successes, the PHS empowered and actively guided me towards the physical, spiritual and mindful next-steps path I am now travelling. I have dropped three sizes, I am active, I am aware and I am choosing my healthy mindset now. We all know the “mind-talk” that takes us off the path of health. I’ve been there. So have you. I choose not to go there ever again. The PHS is more than a book on a shelf. It is not static. It is a book FULL OF LIFE. The PHS is an inspirational guide, my daily motivational speaker and my always available Personal Trainer. Choose to give this book as a great gift—first to you and then to others, too.

Evon Buckley