Get beyond the status quo!

18024119210_5a40b2c10a_nExcitement is in the air as fresh opportunities await for the New Year of 2017!! But hold on—can we realistically presume that everything in the New Year will change for better? As a Personal Trainer, I hear the same fitness objectives every January: I want to lose the weight that I gained during the holidays and over the past few years. I would like to get rid of this belly and the stubborn flab on my body.  I need to build some strength and increase my energy level. I also hear similar stories: I used to be in shape, but then I got married and/or had kids. I never had a problem with my weight when I was younger, but now I can barely fit into my clothes! I cut carbs out of my diet, initially I lost some weight, but it didn’t last; I gained all those pounds back and then some.

Learning how to develop a healthy lifestyle, lose weight correctly and reach our fitness goals requires more knowledge and effort than most people realize. Aside from the program design (PHS component) of exercise and nutrition, here’s another thing to consider: Nothing in our life will change for the better unless we get beyond the status quo. Gym memberships and personal training packages might skyrocket in January, but this momentum only lasts for a month or two. It doesn’t take much for some people to get thrown off course. Whether it’s discouragement from significant others or self-sabotage, once complacency sets in, it will kill every New Year resolution that begins to sprout.

The reality is that those good intentions need to be backed up by deeds. We can set goals and believe that things in this New Year will be better, but just consider what the Bible says in James 2:17: “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” The desire to improve our life and health is a wonderful thing, but we need a comprehensive means to realistically make this happen. The Proactive Health Solution provides us with that big-picture strategy. There’s no guess work involved. Whether you need help managing your lifestyle, yourself, or simply finding the motivation to achieve your fitness goals, the methodology is there. As soon as you begin applying the Proactive Health Solution (PHS) principles, your life and health will naturally improve. Don’t waste any more time wishing you could lose weight and feel great.  Do something about it! Click here to order your copy of The Proactive Health Solution and make this the year you finally get beyond the status quo! Have a happy, healthy New Year!













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