Be a wise investor of your time.

25466616671_c2b0533ff2_nI once heard a story about Kara, a divorced lady in her mid-40’s with three kids who was criticized by her sister when she decided to join a gym. Margaret told Kara that she was being selfish to spend any time exercising when she had three kids. Margaret seemed to think that all of Kara’s attention should go only toward her three kids, but she was profoundly mistaken. Parents set the pace and lead their children by example. If they operate out of self-neglect and remain stressed-out and unhealthy, this represents a tremendous loss of power to all. These types of parents aren’t equipped with the tools and credibility to make a positive lasting impression on their children. In turn, this affects everyone in a dire way and leaves a huge footprint in society. As more and more children become obese, the health and welfare of entire families will continue to unravel.

So please remember, taking care of yourself doesn’t mean you’re being selfish. It means you’re being WISE—a wise investor of your time. Who’s in charge of your life? YOU! That’s right and YOU will create more peace and harmony in the world by behaving in ways that promote your well-being. Your health and happiness will have a positive effect on everyone else around you. This means you become a better parent, employee, spouse and so on. It’s win-win across the board! When you never forget that being healthy is in your best interest, you will be setting a great example for your family.  Don’t get caught up in the false obligation trap. Some people won’t hesitate to lay guilt trips on you to get what they want, but your willingness to give should come from your heart. Sure, you have responsibilities and commitments, but you deserve time to nurture yourself as well.

When we invest in this sacred time for ourselves, we’re automatically walking in the path of wisdom. Life is too short to be careless with our time. If we don’t consider what’s in our best interest, then we’re not respecting what God entrusted to us. He gave us the responsibility to take care of ourselves which is a key PHS Principle. Contrary to what some people believe, when we take this responsibility to heart by doing what’s best for ourselves, this helps everyone. We become happier, and the world is better off when we are happy.

Certainly, now is the time to be giving, but during this holiday season, don’t forget to take care of yourself! One of the best gifts you can ever give to yourself is a copy of The Proactive Health Solution! Loaded with inspirational scriptures and valuable information; this book will not only give you the helpful insight needed to reach your fitness goals, it will provide you with the necessary structure to transform your lifestyle and promote ALL dimensions of your health and well-being—in mind, body and spirit.

Rest assured, this gift of health makes the absolute perfect Christmas gift! For you, or anyone loved ones on your list! Click here to order a copy now and get a jump start on the New Year!! Merry Christmas!!


























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