This Thanksgiving will you be stuffed in your clothes?

Just because turkey is stuffed on Thanksgiving, that doesn’t mean you have to be! Every year people gain weight around the holidays, so if there was ever a good time to start implementing The Proactive Health Solution, now is the time! If you have a copy of my book handy, turn to page 203. On this page, I discuss how to develop a healthy relationship with food as well as the law of thermodynamics—essentially, the calories going in need to be offset accordingly, by the calories going out.

Reality check: It’s not one holiday that causes us to pack on the pounds, it’s what we’re doing every other day of the year that matters. Are we physically active? Are we aware of what, when, and how much we eat? As adults, many of us have lost the innate ability to recognize when we’re satiated. Some people mistake thirst for hunger and turn to food when in fact, they should be drinking an extra glass of water. Numerous factors contribute to mindless overeating. This could include anything from the environment in which we were raised, our psychological state, how we deal with stress or our emotions, and our social gatherings.

So this Thanksgiving, if you don’t want to be stuffed in your clothes, be proactive. Apply the PHS principles. Ultimately, you’re the one in control of your health and how much you weigh. Nobody likes to count calories, but like it or not, calories count! Start being cognizant of every second helping that comes your way. Amidst the conversation and laughter; relax, eat slowly and be mindful every time you pick up the fork. Yes, Thanksgiving should be enjoyed, but how enjoyable is it lying on the couch feeling painfully stuffed? Remember, what is Thanksgiving for? It’s a time to be thankful. Go ahead, count your blessings. If you’re proactive, you will still be thankful—after the holidays—when you still fit into your clothes!



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