What’s the first step toward developing a healthy lifestyle?

Most people don’t really know the answer to this question. Why? There are never-ending responses! Not only are we constantly bombarded with information, we each start our health journey from a different place. What will strike the right cord at the right time? One person advises you to begin a particular exercise regimen, while another insists you start by eliminating all gluten from your diet. Still others will tell you to give up carbs or go vegan. Not only does this leave your head spinning, perhaps you’re not even ready for a change. Deep down you could feel totally unmotivated, overwhelmed or agonized. Maybe you have some underlying issues or concerns: Is the timing right? Am I mentally prepared? Do I have to give up my favorite foods, potato chips, desserts and alcohol? How will I deal with my emotional stress? I’m already so busy and exhausted; how will I find the time or energy to exercise? Who will take care of my kids?!

Unless we were fortunate enough to have health conscious parents as role models, we probably never learned how to develop a healthy lifestyle. Herein lies the problem. When it comes to health education, the system as a whole is fragmented and ineffective. It has some major gaps—globally, nobody can answer this question in the same way, because we’re not even on the same page. For instance, aside from a required physical education class, many individuals still haven’t fully grasped the importance of physical activity and how to incorporate into their lifestyle. Furthermore, a standardized education curriculum about optimal health does not yet exist—that is, how to sensibly nurture all dimensions of health and well-being—in mind, body and spirit. The ramifications are clear. We don’t need to look very far to witness the devastating effects of obesity or poor mental health.

Indeed there are many avenues to health, yet if it’s only health gurus who are enlightened, this won’t make a significant impact upon the lives of whose health suffers the most. The good news is that the Proactive Health Solution (PHS) is an integrated model that provides this much-needed structure for developing healthy behaviors and managing all dimensions of health and well-being. The PHS establishes this direction, yet it empowers us at the same time. Five main components or building blocks govern this growth process: Lifestyle Management, Healthy Self-Management, Motivation, Program Design and Discipline. If you read my book, you will discover the right answer to this question. We each have a choice. The PHS will guide us on this journey, but we decide where to take our first step.








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