A unique place for a Proactive Health Solution (PHS) success story

If you read my book or visit my blog, you will find several testimonials of how the PHS has helped people transform their lifestyle behaviors and health. Many of these success stories are shared by clients or were made through connections in a gym. A couple weeks ago however, I heard one in an unlikely place—my hair salon! When I went to see my hair dresser, I noticed he had lost weight, his skin looked vibrant, and he was exuding lots of positive energy. He had read my book a few months ago and this is what he had to say:

“I’ve been very inspired from reading your book! It absolutely changed my life! By learning what I need to do to get in shape, today I’m more confident and more motivated than ever. I don’t eat late at night anymore. Instead, I pick up my backpack and go to the gym every day. After reading The Proactive Health Solution, I think I will be working out regularly until I’m 100 years old! I look better and I don’t just feel better—I feel sexy. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from me—14 pounds to be exact. I’m very grateful that you came to see me to style your hair for your wedding day. Your book made me  discover it was for a great reason you came into my life.”—Atheer Istifan, Bashar Salon

As he proceeded to put some foils in my hair, we got deep into a discussion about the PHS. He mentioned that it really changed his mind-set; he only wished he learned about it years earlier. I said that the PHS Pyramid is an educational roadmap and that its greatest impact on humanity would probably occur centuries from now, after children are taught how to develop a healthy lifestyle. On my second thought, I pondered—if he’s a healthier and happier person today, and his positive vibe is rubbing off on so many people, then the PHS is already making the world a better place. Why wait to honor your health? Be proactive. Anyone can become part of the PHS revolution starting right now!



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