Are self-imposed barriers holding you back from optimal health?

When I start training a client for the first time, I usually demonstrate each exercise and explain how to do it with proper form. Frequently, the initial reaction to some of these exercises comes with a head shake along with the following statement; “I can’t do that, there’s no way!” Having knowledge of simple body mechanics and squandered human potential, I counter with; “Well just give it a try and if you can’t do it, we’ll move on.” Inevitably, with a little bit of encouragement, the new client discovers that he or she CAN do the exercise, and suddenly becomes quite motivated to practice it over and over. Why then, does this initial negative reaction occur so often in someone’s psyche? Basically, it stems from a fear of the unknown. We humans tend to get stuck in our comfort zones. Whether this is a training plateau, a mental or emotional block, or any other limitation that we hold in our consciousness, these self-imposed barriers can inhibit us from achieving our health goals. As I discuss in my book, we can learn to overcome obstacles no matter where they occur within our life. When we recognize that we can proactively choose our response to any life situation, we begin to free our mind, body and spirit from these self-imposed barriers. We are only human, yes. If we get off course, we need something greater to help us get back on track. The Proactive Health Solution (PHS) includes this spiritual component of our well-being, it will guide and inspire us along this path toward optimal health.