Why the best health care plan is a lifestyle of proactive healthy behaviors

When it comes to managing our health, if we’re not proactive, what’s the alternative? Is it neglect, overindulgence, senseless behavior, a sedentary lifestyle, or unhealthy coping mechanisms? If we’re proactive, we can prevent numerous health issues that typically are written off as the “natural aging process.” Obesity for instance, may trigger a slew of health issues, but by itself, it’s not a natural part of the life cycle. When people learn how to take responsibility for managing their own lifestyle and health, they can maintain a healthy weight naturally and reduce their risk of developing disease. According to a 2003 report from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and diabetes account for more than two-thirds of all deaths each year. Certainly, we could be predisposed to some of these diseases, or we may develop a peculiar, sudden symptom that baffles the medical and health community. Yet even still, a vast majority of our health problems can be averted. This report states that 75 percent of annual health care costs can be traced back to tobacco use, poor eating habits, or lack of physical activity. It confirms that these three modifiable health-damaging behaviors are the cause of much inordinate suffering and the early death of millions of Americans.

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