The inspiration behind the Proactive Health Solution (PHS)

In my first year of working as a Personal Trainer, I discovered that clients from every walk of life shared the same battle. Regardless of age, gender, physical condition or fitness level; each were engulfed by common life struggles—work and family obligations, time constraints, emotional stress, depression, and so on. These daily pressures hindered their motivation and interfered with their ability to develop and maintain healthy behaviors. I wanted to offer them something above and beyond their training sessions to keep them inspired and disciplined in between our appointments. The Proactive Health Solution provides an educational path to keep people focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



2 thoughts on “The inspiration behind the Proactive Health Solution (PHS)

  1. I find it very helpful to refer back to The PHS. I often scan the pages to catch tidbits of wisdom. Your words inspire me to keep doing what it takes to get and to stay healthy. Thanks for the encouragement!


    • Yay, this is great to hear! Each person that becomes healthier makes the world a better place because of the positive chain reaction this has on everyone around them. Keep up the great work. I know the PHS works, it is a tried and true model that I implement myself!


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