Do you claim that your health is a priority, but neglect doing anything about it? Most people know they should eat right and exercise, but for many individuals the motivation to do this is missing. Time constraints, work and family obligations, financial struggles, mental stress, depression, addictions, and a host of other issues get in the way. If we can’t manage our lifestyle well, then managing our health becomes all the more challenging. There is not a unified process within the current public health education system to teach healthy behaviors, or to promote all dimensions of our well-being—in mind, body and spirit. This failure has created a global health care crisis. We can see the effects in record numbers; an epidemic of adults and children who are overweight or obese.

The Proactive Health Solution (PHS) is the missing link in health care reform. By teaching individuals how to apply the PHS principles, they can learn to become proactive rather than reactive with their health. We can put a halt to this global pandemic. The PHS provides the educational roadmap to empower anyone toward this healthy lifestyle transformation.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. This book was a real eyeopener. Went into it thinking… diet book. Came out of it – life book. I’m reading it a second time. Definitely a life saving book.


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